Summer visitation

I’m stepson to a 17 yr old who does not want to visit this summer we live in another state of he does not have any founded reason not to visit can he be forced or does he actually have a choice given his age in NC?
He has told my husband he will refuse to get on the plane what are our rights and the Childs rights in this situation?
He claims that he feels unsafe around me because i’m i’m a woman with a strong mind and i’m into herbal remedies that Burns incense and I’m spiritual with both and I try and push these ideas on him …the funny thing is that none of that is even true we have no idea where he came up with this he lived with me for 3 yes before he went out to bio moms … and never once has this happened…nor do I take any herbal remedies
What can we do?
Mother has no custody rights but he has been NC resident over 6 no
Father has 100% sole custody rights
Can we just make him come back home?

If the court order says that he will come for the summer and he refuses, you can make a motion that the other party be held in contempt for failure to abide by the court order, but you will likely have to show that this failure was willful. If there is documentation that the child refuses, I think it might be difficult to win that motion. Also, by the time summer comes, the child doesn’t show up, you file the motion, and you wait to get heard on the motion, the summer may be over, and your effort will not have gotten you much further.

A lot of children don’t want to travel during the summers as they grow older because they want to be around friends, get a job, participate in camps, etc. You may want to look at a way to compromise with the son so that you get some visitation, rather than forcing him to participate and getting none.