Teenagers don't want to comply with visitation

Have been separated (papers filed) since 7/08. Divorce not final. Everyone is happy and no one is contesting but ex is responsible for that paperwork and expense and just hasn’t done it.

Ex husband lived in same city but moved about 75 miles away 1 year ago. During the time he was still in same city and since, he did not fully exercise visitation…didn’t request his agreed upon one month last summer, rarely requests weekends,etc.

This summer, he has requested one week (although our agreement specifies 30 days.) I do not have an issue with my son and daughter visiting him. However, they have an issue. He sometimes does not have food in the house (as they eat at his girlfriend’s house, and there is no issue with that as we like her!), no tv, no computer - minor things in life except to a teenager. Also, they want to spend time with friends and they don’t get along with him. They are also trying to get summer jobs and will start school sports practices in August. It is a little difficult to force 16 and 17 year kids to go somewhere for a week…I really can’t force them into his car.
He is threatening court…though I doubt he will go through with it.
Would a judge listen to them? Can they be forced to go? They are good kids and I believe their feelings count. Please advise.

It seems to me you have not done anything to prevent your ex from seeing the children, your responsibility is simply to make them available to him, which you have. A judge could order the children to go, but as people, the of course understand the difficulty of forcing teenagers to do anything.