Our order says that we split the summer.( there are 10 weeks of summer for us) Our summer visitation is every other week ( Friday to Friday) and we each get 2 vacation weeks Friday thru the following Sunday.

During our last court issues. Their attorney wrote to the judge that both parties agreed that I would get the month of July so that my weeks would not be split up. (I was asking for transportation expenses) I was in agreement with that since that would give me 5 straight weeks.

Shortly after that the ex decided to try and ask for one of his vacation weeks during my consecutive weeks visit. I told him that we had already agreed that I had them in all of July.

His visitation ended on June 29 at 8 am but he would not let me have the boys until 7/1 because he says I only have them in July.
He has also told the kids that they go back to him on 8/1 but my visitation should end on Friday 8/3. He has planned some activities on 8/1 that the kids are looking forward to.

Do I play his game or do I stand my ground for the 2 days and have the kids get upset at me?

I have been wrestling with this all month…

I really dont want him to show up and make a scene in front of the kids but I dont want to be a door mat either.

Thank you for your time!


That is a difficult situation, but how to handle your time is your call.