Vacation time

We have a Friday-Friday as well. This works well for camps so he can be with us for the weekend, start the day camp and then she picks him up the next Friday evening at camp. Ours was spelled out in custody agreement though.

Mal, thanks for the reply.


My husband’s ex has repeatedly tried to get us to take Sunday to Sunday. Her words are so that it won’t “disrupt the beginning of the next week.” This is one of the many rules she has made up over the past 6 years. She then presents her weeks and doesn’t even follow her own rules.
According to our attorney, our summer weeks (non-custodial parent with first choice of weeks) supercede any other scheduled time. I would really be interested in hearing the answer to this one. It is a very upsetting time when we submit our summer weeks because we are needing to schedule time off from work and plan our vacations.
I certainly understand where you are coming from. Good Luck!

It AMAZES me how folks get hung up on one or 2 days during vacation time. Friday to Friday, Saturday to Saturday, Sunday to Sunday…what difference does it make. Are these folks going to tell their kids “sorry you can’t go with Mom/Dad because it’s not according to the agreement”. So what they do is hurt the kids because they can’t ‘get over’ a day. My sister and her ex have tried to compromise during the summer especially. It is special time for the kids to be with their parents and unless there is something SUPER SPECIFIC that would prohibit a little leeway-then let the kids have the time. A lot of rental places only rent Sat-Sat or Sun-Sun. We’re talking one week (or 2 maybe) out of the year. I do not call that a ‘disruption to Monday’. I DO call it exersion of control-to the kids’ disadvantage. [V] [:(!] [V]

There is no standard, if your agreement does not set out specific dates the two of you will need to agree. If you cannot agree I would recommend the two of you try to mediate the issue.

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My ex has finally agreed (actually she wants everyone to believe she decided) to use e-mail to communicate with me. I