Court ordered summer vacation schedule


there seems to be some confusion on the court ordered summer vacation schedule that was ordered.

“each party shall be entitled to exercise two non-consecutuve weeks (two 7 day periods) of summer vacation with the minor child. Each 7 day period shall include the partys regularly scheduled weekend either on the front end or the back end of the vacation time frame” weekends begin friday at 6 til monday at 6.

this can be interpreted several different ways, so im trying to get a full understanding of the order.

heres how the custody order goes…its SUPPOSED to be a 2-2-3 schedule…alternating weekends…but, the way it was manipluated by the fathers attorney, its technically a 2-2-5-5- schedule. (because they started the court order on his weekend under the temp order)

say if its my weekend, does this mean that i could take vacation times beginning on monday (the last day of my “weekend”) and keep my daughter til the following monday?? which my time wouldnt legally end until the following wednesday, because the father gets the child every wednesday at 6…either til friday or til monday…depending on whos weekend it turns out to be. we are trying to figure out if this means that its possible that each of us could potentially get our daughter for UP TO 12 days??

say like this week…fathers 5 days ended monday at 6…i got her fom monday at 6 until wednesday at 6, then she will return to me friday at 6 until wednesday at 6…(it was done this way “because the father “cant” do mondays and tuesdays”…YES HE HAS HER EVERY OTHER MONDAY??? it wasa VERY MESSED up court order)…SO EACH OF US ENDS UP GETTING HER FOR A 5 DAY PERIOD…

i would like very good clarification of the summer time part of the court order, so that no one ends up upset, and accusing the other of not abiding by the court order.

the father seems to think??? that we are “supposed to” make up time that the other parent has lost while the other parent took vacation time…in other words, hes already planned one vacation time…although his ordered schedule begins wed at 6, hes willing to let our daughter stay with me wednesday night and pick her up thursday morning at 8 am…not bring her back til the following thurs at 6…then i would have her from thurs at 6 until the next wednesday…(hes VOLUNTEERING THAT, even though thursdays and fridays are his designated days to have our daughter)… because apparently he isnt understanding the court order.


7 days total. The order is very clear that the 7 days include your regularly scheduled weekend.


yes we understood that it’s to include the parties weekend. what we find confusing is the “front end or back end vacation time frame” and no matter how you slice it. . it can’t be just 7 days total because of how the schedule is set. for instance if i take vacation monday 6 pm to monday 6 pm child doesn’t go back to fathers until wednesday at 6 because tuesdays and wednesday are my set scheduled days so that’s 9 days… unless we’re supposed to forfeit those 2 days to allow it to be 7 days only.? im not the only one confused on this. the father is and Ive asked several friends. . each interprets the front end and back end differently.


****i want to add to my last post so please read it too. last post meant im taking vacation from monday 6 pm when i get child back from her fathers. the next weekend is my weekend. . thus it’s including my full weekend.