Switch from summer to school schedule

Court order states “…Defendant shall have four uninterrupted
weeks with the minor children in one week increments during the summer vacation. … The alternating week schedule shall end 5 full days before school is scheduled to begin, at which time the children shall resume the school year schedule or sooner, if the Defendant has already had four full weeks.”

Last had the kids July 24-31 (6pm - 6pm) which was the last of the four full weeks. School starts August 10, 2009. Would this mean weekend school schedule starts Friday, August 7th?

Can ex arbitrarily change her work schedule and make me take the kids August 14 during weekends when I have to work? What are my options as this does not look like it can be resolved in a friendly manner?

The wording of the order is unclear. It seems to me the only clear reading is that the summer schedule ends 5 days prior to the start of school.
Your ex cannot make you take the children at anytime. If she is the primary custodian and cannot keep them during her time she will have to arrange for child care.