Please answer! What is the 4th weekend of the month in Aug


I will not state my interpretation as what the fourth weekend of this month is legally… there is a dispute between my ex wife and I on whether its this weekend on the 22nd or 29th… I have called my attorney but of course I am impatient… I get my son every fourth weekend and during track out and alternating holidays… this is the copied from my court order…please advise. I am fine with being wrong but need to know…

the plantiff shall have every fourth weekend of each month beginning at the end of the child’s school day on friday untill he returns the child to school on Monday at 8:45am.


Looking at the calendar, I would say it’s the 22.


I thought it was this weekend as well and I have been planning on this weekend and in the past before our agreement I had been taken advantage of prior to our court order. My agreement allows me to pick him up from school and I am going there with my agreement in hand. Is there any other precautions you would suggest to take.


It is your weekend, I would do as you normally do, but keep a copy of your court order handy as a precaution.