my husband and his ex wife have a separation agreement that is part of their divorce decree that he has 3 weekends a month and she has 1. they agreed amongst themselves that on the weekend she has them we get weekday time. It has been this way and worked out very well for over 3 years, but a conversation about child support re-evaluation did not go her way and now she is saying he is bullying her and not welcome at her house (which i know is her decision) and saying he is to meet her in a parking lot on Sunday at 5 to return the kids and he is not to contact her about anything. He is fine not talking to her but we have never returned the kids at 5. there is no time on the agreement they have to be returned. can she keep him from contacting her ABOUT the kids and can she withhold time from him that isn’t in writing and has worked for all these years? we figure the next step will be not allowing him weekday time on her weekend.

If there is not stated time for the return in the agreement I suggest he return them at the same time he has for the past 3 years. He can communicate with her regarding the children, but I would advise he only do so via email, so that there is a record of all communications.