Visitation Question

An agreement should be that, an agreement. When you went through mediation what was the result? She and her lawyer should not be adding things in like that. You have a right to try and have more visitation then every other weekend w/ your kids. Is there some reason she is trying to take away the week night?

Control is the reason she is adding this clause. She will claim my oldest needs the most attention to school he can get, but he was an A - B honor roll kid this past year and is doing just fine. Besides, it’s not like I’m going to ignore school needs during the night they stay over during the week. It really comes down to the ex wanting complete control.

Then I would not agree. Your request for one night during the week and every other weekend is pretty minimal. We used to have that but went for joint and got it. My husband’s ex also saw it as a control issue and used to cite all sorts of things like child’s grades, distance (less than 15 miles) etc. He got the additional time and the child has done great.

My wife & I have been separated for over a year now and the separation agreement is dragging b/c of property sales and arguments over monetary distributions (what else, right?). We have, to date, generally agree on the child custody and visitation issues and were advised to go ahead and get a “parenting agreement” signed and ordered by a judge. We took advantage of the mediation option provided by the county and got an agreement drawn up, awaiting our signatures. Now, I discover that my ex and her lawyer are adding a bunch of stipulations to the agreement. The one I have the most problem with is the fact she is denying one overnight stay during the week. This leaves me to see and get the children only every other weekend. My questions is: isn’t it fairly customary for the non-custodial parent to get every other weekend and one night a week? If I fight this, what are my chances of getting my week night? I know it all comes down to “agreement” but it appears we are now heading into a new territory where agreement on the issues of the children are ALSO being argued. I’d like to know my legal chances before making a big stink about this.