Hmmm… let’s be blunt.

Considering the circumstances (distance, time apart from the kids), to keep peace, would there be anyway to rearrange the weekend so that he COULD see the kids. I know it’s not his weekend, but is there some compromise in that area? Just because it’s laid out in the agreement as the 3rd week doesn’t mean you can’t make mutually agreeable exceptions. I’m assuming neither of you went into any conflict or drama when both parties moved away from NC? You said he pays on time and keeps phone contact with the kids. If you both live so far away, I can see why he may not have kept his visitation schedule (distance, money to travel…).

I’ve never heard of getting ‘credit’ on missed weekends.
And I’ve never heard of the Family Ties Law (or did it come up in Google). That’s a call for Helena [:)]

I did try to come to an agreement and spilt the weekend with him because this is what the kids wanted to do and he said no, he wanted them the whole weekend. So there was no compromising on his end. Either his way or no way.

How often do the attorneys respond?

I am looking into the issue you raised regarding the Family Ties Law. I am not familiar with anything that has that specific name, however there were some recent laws past that have changed custodial issues regarding parent’s that are on active deployment. If he is not on active deployment I do not believe there are any special laws that would apply here.

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ok here we go…I have been divorced since 8/05 and have moved to TN. My ex is longer in NC as he has taken a job in FL. He has been gone for a year now. He has not seen his kids since he has left for his new job. He has called and sent childsupport. I have several questions… 1. What is the process for getting jursdication changed to TN? 2. He is coming into NC for a vacation and has requested to see the kids. Not on his weekend. Do I have to let him have them if it is not his weekend. Our order specifies he gets them the third weekend of each month. (although he has not excersized his visitation in over a year.I do not mind letting them go for half the weekend because we already have prior arrangements made for that weekend with the kids. Also, his attorney has told me that he would get “credit” for the weekend he has missed? Is this true? I thought once you for go a weekend visitation it can not be replaced. 3. He also told me that he has placed a motion for me to appear in court to have the kids visit with his aunt and cousin on the weekends he is not there to excersize his visitation. He called it Family Ties Law. Does this law exsist and can he do this if it does?