Custody arrangements

There isn’t a typical visitation arrangement, especially if you are able to agree on it w/o the time, expense and frustration of going through mediation and court. If the two of you are able to agree on these new arrangements and they are in the best interest of the kids - great.

[That is the problem; we cannot agree. I am primary because of being stay at home mom with children under 5. He is the disneyland dad with no boundaries when kids are with him. He is asking for something that just isn’t attainable with his work schedule and feel the kids would be always waiting and dissappointed when he doesn’t show up. I don’t want to go to court.
I am just asking what is typically fair if a judge does decide; is it 2 or 4 weeks in summer - what about holidays?

There is no “typical” schedule. The courts have the broad discretion to set out the schedule they feel best fits your child’s needs.

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The daddy has a right to spend time with his kids. It looks like what he’s asking for is reasonable. Kids are out of school about 10 weeks in the summer, you’ll have 6 to his 4. Youll have (in a two week time frame) 9 days to his 5. Alternating holidays are fair too. If he wants to spend the time to try and be more than a “disneyland dad”, give him the chance… he is their father. My ex is the epitimy of a “disneyland dad” he sets no boundries… even as far as basic clenliness… he takes my son to monster truck shows, movies, and Universal studios (all within the last 6 months) but is about 10000.00 behind in child support, not including the 3000.00 I had to front the orthadontist. BUT he is my son’s father. My son has a right to get to be with him. Do I feel gypped… sure, but my son is my first responsibility… he has a right to know his father and form his own opinion of him.

sounds like dad is trying not to be “disneyland dad”. I would advise you to try and work this out as most attorneys will tell you that the courts are in favor of parents sharing time with the children if it is at all reasonable and is in the best interest of the children.
Children are often much more adaptable and flexible than adults give them credit for and will learn and adapt to a new schedule. If he is able to do the one night a week every other week and that is working then adding another shouldn’t be a problem. What about suggesting that you try it out for a few weeks?
Think about this from another angle…it’s ok to think about yourself sometimes and it might be nice to know that the kids are with their dad for a few weeks instead of you being primary caregiver 24/7.

We are currently doing everyother weekend and one night a week. STBX is asking for for another night (picking kids up at 7.p.m.)on his every other and now 4 weeks in summer, a week at Christmas, 5 days at Thanksgiving (alternating years for holidays). He works out of state and has a residence here also. He is gone from Tues-Friday.

What is the typical arrangements for “visitation” in most custody situations? I am/will continue to be primary (was able to agree on that).