Holiday Visitation

none that I am aware of…we have worked it out so whoever’s turn it is for Christmas gets Christmas Eve and Christmas Day until 12n or 1pm and then the child is picked up/dropped off at the other parent’s house.

Thank you. My boyfriend has a situation where the mother (who left the children) is picking the children up this Friday at 5pm and will not return them until 5pm on the 26th. Mind you this is the first Christmas she has even asked to see the kids (he has physical custody). She lives in out of state and a half way meeting place has been arranged. So basically Dad will not get to celebrate Christmas with his kids until close to 8pm on the 26th.

My ex is supposed to return our children at Noon on the 26th and booked a flight that does not leave Texas until 3:30 North Carolina time. There are 2 other flights before that one and he is refusing to bring the kids home on either of those flights.


My husband and his ex have it written in the agreement similar to what mal has. Even numbered years their mother has them on Christmas eve, and they come to our house Christmas day around 12, stay the night and then the schedule reverts to whatever it was previously…on odd numbered years, we have them Christmas eve and she gets them Christmas day around 12.
It’s all in what the parents agree to and work out. There’s really no set schedule. If your bf does not agree to the schedule arranged then maybe he should request that she bring the children back on Christmas day so that they each get to spend time with them…?

There is no standard holiday language per se, though the holidays are typically rotated between the parents. Some judges rotate an entire school vacation period each year, and others will break it up to give each party half of each school break.

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I have “language” in my custody order, 1:00 is the time splitting Christmas Day until 1:00 the next day. However, that does not always work. In the “early” period after the divorce, holidays and custody were always a problem since the ex fought me continuously on this issue and made my life miserable over hanging on to each and every minute as specified. I missed many family milestone events because of his refusal to allow my son to “leave” two hours early. This sounds like what your ex is doing concerning flight times. Just being controlling. All I can tell you is to “wait this thing” out, try to act like it doesn’t bother you, and realize that this only hurts the kids. The kids will see this one day and they will “hate” him for it. Now that my oldest son is “out” of the custody picture, he’s with me as much as he can be and has little to do with his father. Remember, you do reap what you sow.

Is there standard language in North Carolina on when holiday visitation begins and ends? I know in Texas for Christmas the language reads “beginning at NOON on December 26th…” for the party having visitation after the holiday. For the party havig visitation for the holiday it reads “ending at NOON on December 26th…”.

Is there such guidlines or language in North Carolina?