Amount in excess - child support

Your Husband will be responsible for the payment of the full amount of child support. If they are not able to get the amount needed through wage with-holdings, then they can pursue him in court for non payment. He should contact them and set up a system to deal with the times when there are insufficient funds to be deducted.

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My husband’s child support is based on his annual income but as he is in sales it can vary widely from month to month depending on commissions. The cs is automatically deducted from his pay but if his pay is too low they cannot deduct all of it so his ex-wife sometimes only gets 1/2 or 2/3rd’s of the cs amount. This situation may go on for a month or more at a time. Does the system eventually “catch up” and will we be sent a bill or is this just regarded as the reality of his income and left alone?