My husband separated from me one month ago. He and I are first cousins, which I knew that at the time of our marriage. He has admitted to having preference for relationships with men, and is most likely gay. We were also married in a foreign country, Iran.

Do we qualify for annulment? If so, based on which criteria? Do we have to have been separated for one year, like with divorce?

I believe we can settle the division of assets by ourselves. Could we settle this without a lawyer? What next steps do I take?

Thank you!


A marriage in which the parties are nearer in relationship than first cousins can be annulled, however a marriage between first cousins is legal and cannot be annulled. His sexual orientation is not grounds for annulment either.

You may settle the division of assets via a Separation Agreement, and can do so without a lawyer.

You may file for divorce after you have lived separate and apart for 366 days.