Another Child Support Question


STBX and I mediated on December 2 and entered into an agreement on custody, visitation and child support. He agreed (and SIGNED agreement) stating that he would pay NC guideline support and that all else would be settled and finalized within 30 days of the date of mediation. My atty advised me (and the letter that I have states) that child support begins on December 1 and the 1st of each month in the amount of $698. He has yet to pay dime one and has stated to my stepfather that he will not pay me a cent until the courts force him to pay.

As far as I know, this has been filed with the court (it was a “memorandum” but was told that it was to be binding).

So, when is he considered to be in “arrears” and when can I proceed with trying to obtain child support through CSE? Thank you for your time.


He is in arrears now, and you may file a motion for contempt.