Answering old petition


My husband an I were separated and filed for divorce. We got back together and he moved to VT where I got stationed during the separation. We were separated 5 months of a 3 year marriage. After 7 months here he left me for his old girlfriend in NC ( the one he originally cheated on me with). We got back together in Aug 2011 and that’s the same month the papers were filed. I filed here in Vt because that’s where we lived at the time of separation. He has been served papers for court here. Now he went and got a NC lawyer to answer the original petition in NC from before we got back together. Now here in VT he was making the same money as me. Actually a little more. Now his filing for alimony because when he left here to go back to girlfriend down there he can’t find job. Two questions is who has jurisdiction since we both established residency here in VT and will I have to pay him money since he left here and his job to be there with no job. Please help.


Sorry to clarify. Lived in NC for two years and separated in Feb 2011. I started divorce in NC then transferred to VT in May 2011. We got back together in Aug 2011 when he moved to VT. He left march 1 to go back to nc to live with girlfriend. I filed divorce on Adultery here and he was served April 10. He got lawyer there to answer NC case apr 17. I Didn’t even know my lawyer there filed it because we got back together. So can it be withdrawn?


He answered an old equitable distribution motion. He did this after he got interim court order from Vermont. What can I do? I guess I need a NC lawyer but since we moved to Vermont and separated here after resuming our marriage for 9 months here will NC dismiss it. I don’t want to pay for lawyer if I don’t have to. He has not paid for any of our debt and I’m going bankrupt.