AofA Suit

I would love to tell you what I think of you but I will not. What you did is wrong from what your post says and you must live what you have done.
Your answer to the law suit says all and they will get back to you, what I do not like about the system is they are slow and they do not care the lawyer gets paid and you are out of money and then some this is how it works sorry been there done that.
Hope the best for you

If she fails to do anything with this lawsuit for the next several months, you can file a motion to dismiss for failure to prosecute. If she dismisses it on her own or sets a hearing you should be notified. Make sure you keep the court up to date on your contact information.

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Thanks Helen.
To ArthurP: I never said what I did was not wrong nor did I even admit any guilt. I’m simply getting legal advice. I dont need a lecture. You do not know the facts of the matter so it IS best you not comment seeing that you have personal issues concerning this matter.

ArthurP, people come to this website to get help with answers. If you can not keep your predjudices to yourself, stay off of this website.

I am sorry that you feel that way but you sound like you are running and need info Ok great you where giving papers for a reason if this is foul then matters need to be taken in your know hand and I hope you are right. But you never said wrong nor right in your post and maybe it should not BUT if you am not wrong I would have posted that nto clear things up.
And to post what you did about me is not what this forum is about so back at you. So clear your self of this and move on.
Looks like you need to that web site.
Good luck hope the best

ArthurP-your post was completely confusing. I don’t think I understand a word of it. I got my question answered by Helen so I’ll leave it at that. I am of clear mind and conscience concerning my situation. There are always 2 sides to a story and you seem to be seeing YOUR side as it applies to your personal situation, which is not really fair to those looking for help.

I agree tryingtomoveon. The posts are confusing. At first I thought I was reading them wrong or there were punctuation issues. The more I read it, the more it seems just to not make sense. I get that ARTHURP is angry. I do not feel this is the correct forum to express his displeasure with an act he consiters to be the most vile action on earth. Although adultry is not the the best thing to do it us a very common symptom of an ailing marriage. People do not come to this site to look for help with sunshine and rainbows, they are looking to protect themselves in times of thunderstorms and earthquakes. Making derogoratory comments, while hiding behind your computer screen, is completely juvenile. So ARTHURP, we get your wife cheated on you. Many of us have been on one or even both sides of that fence. No one here needs your opinion on our activities. Just to clarify it for you, adultry was not an issue in my divorce.

Dear Tryingtomoveon,
I’m new here but want to find out all I can about this kind of lawsuit. I have a special friend in the exact same place as your situation. She does NOT need any lectures either. I’m asking for her on hear because she jsut doesn’t have much money and needs some good advice. Can somebody tell about any free legal advice?
Thank you everybody for help.

Well, if she has been served papers (the Complaint-I believe), then she needs a lawyer to ‘answer’ the complaint. I guess she can answer herself, but I have no idea how to do that and I wouldn’t advise it because the language is complicated.

If she is being sued, then she will just have to wait like me I guess. I don’t have a lot of money so I don’t see what the other party will gain (can’t squeeze blood from a turnip). But I DID pay for a lawyer (eventhought it meant taking out a cash advance against one of my credit cards).

There is really nothing you can do except defend yourself. A lot of times, the suit is dropped because it IS expensive to litigate (for the other party too).

I’m still waiting for the next step. It’s been 4 months since my “answer” was done, and I haven’t heard anything else from the other side.

I was served with papers suing me for AofA and CC several months ago. I got a good lawyer and she filed an “Answer” to the suit papers (4 pages long!). I have a retainer paid to my lawyer.

My question is…now that I have filed the “Answer”, is the ball in the other person’s court? I have received no other papers or “Counter Answers” or whatever it is called. It has been almost 3 months since my Answer (which I had 30 days to do according to the papers). I don’t think this means the matter has been dropped since the other party hasn’t responded. What will be the next step? Dropping of the suit? Or another documentation requesting further litigation/court?

If the suit is dropped, do I get some kind of documentation stating so and that I won’t be persued again? Or do I just sit and wait? Can she wait the whole 3 years THEN hit me with more legal stuff? My lawyer has not contacted me and frankly acted like the suit was no big deal. She charges for every phone call or email, so I haven’t called her. Thanks for your help.