AOA CC Question

I understand your hurt and anger at this woman. However, why would you want to get involved in their battle? I understand you want to help HIM (in which you are emotionally helping yourself by ‘getting back’ at her), but it seems more trouble than it’s worth. I’m not sure of the legalities of the out-of-state affair. If she’s not leaving her husband for you, then AofA doesn’t seem an issue-especially if she was already separated. As far as the CC goes, your admission of it would only make you look bad and guilty IF he is able to come after you in that suit.

I would just leave her to her own demise. Cut your losses and move on. If she’s trying to get alimony, then the affair would negate that, but you’d have to be ‘tight’ with either him or her to get that information. I would just leave well enough alone.

Appreciate your reply but I would really like to help her husband out if possible as I know he is in a tough situation. Would appreciate a legal viewpoint on the out of state issue and what are my options.


Her Husband could sue you for alienation of affection. If you get involved and give him information you could be opening the door for a lawsuit that will end with him bringing a lawsuit against you. Before you proceed with giving him any information you will need a legal written contract with him assuring that he is not going to bring legal action against you as well.

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I was involved with a woman who is living and going through a divorce in NC. I am in NY where the affair took place. I have now found out that she stole money and jewelry from me but could not recover it.

I would now like to help her husband in their divorce settlement by giving him all the details of her affair as I have realised that she is only after money.

Can the husband file action against me as I am in NY? If he can how do I protect myself from the husband coming after me before I give him all the details?