Concidering an AOA suit

Can anyone help with some personal experience or a URL where I can find additional information? I am trying to find more information on actual cases of Alienation of Affection law suits. (i.e. success rates, costs associated with one and a good attorney with AOA experience). I have tried searching the internet but find very little actual information. A lot of Family Law firms come up but since there is only 200 cases in NC each year I doubt many attorneys have very much experience with AOA. I feel like my law suit would be pretty cut and dry. I have proof that they were together at his place (more than once), both admitting to the affair, recorded conversations with him asking him to stay away from my family, email evidence that they continued to see each other, I even have a picture of the valentines day present he gave her with a copy of the card. I have to admit that at first I wanted to sue to see him suffer, but now more than a year later and with our divorce finalized, I feel a social obligation to go forward with the suit. I want him and others to know that you can not simply pursuit a married person without any consequences.

Any and all help is appreciated.

I’ve been collecting information re: AoA lawsuits for sometime and have come to realize that there is a reason there are so few filed in NC.

  1. They are very expensive, easily 10s of thousands of $
  2. The defendant’s lawyer will drag you thru the “mud” and bring out all the personaldirty subjects on you that they can
  3. Even if you win, there is a small likelihood that you will collect any , as it will have been moved from NC jurisdiction (my wife's paramour lives in Canada, so no way I'd see any )

If your wife commited Marital Fault (sexual affair) before you were separated, and you did not do the same, her alimony can be withheld/stopped. Better you go for that, which will save you rather than costing big for the AoA suit.

I’d recommend you not waste your resources trying to burn the dude, and count your lucky stars you’ve moved on.
I am not a lawyer, but one who has been studying AoA for some time.