AoA advice

I’ve been an aquantaince of a man for a couple of yrs that I know through work (but does not work for my company). He was separated a few months ago and we started seeing each other after that. He lives out of state and his divorce will be final this month (no year waiting period there). My question is, could his wife sue me for AoA? There is no AoA in their state, I was not the cause of their separation (3rd or 4th separation) or divorce, but I think she is upset he is seeing someone and now wonders if there was soemthing going on beforehand (there was not- I actually had told him some months back to try to work things out with his wife). This has been very upsetting to me because we had never even considered dating prior to his separation and I’m not that kind of person. I have even told him if he had second thoughts about his divorce that they should consider counseling because I put our friendship first. Legally can anything happen? Once their divorce is final, could she still consider a suit?

She can bring a suit against you, however since you did not start seeing him until after he was separated it would not be successful .

Would she have to come to NC to file suit? Or could she file from her state (even though that state does not recognize AoA)?

As far as seeing him, we did not “date” until after he was separated, but had seen him socially at work related events and spoke often on the phone (as friends only), would I still be ok? I really don’t have the money to pay a defense atty. What proof would she need? Even the “dating” is minimal as we live in two different states, maybe two weekends since the separation?

She would need to file in NC, but could contact an attorney here and have them file for her. She would need to be present for court hearings, and depositions.
If you can prove that you did not alienate the affections of the marriage before separation, she would have no case.