Aoa & cc

I have a question for you are they legally separated? And do they live apart from each other? This what makes up a separtion. I am going through one myself but I am suing the piece S!@# he is wrong I have told him and he even had the never to call my house and then some. Wrong is wrong I hope you are not the way you sound you are not she has nothing on you she left him now its time for you and him to live a great life. She is just being a EX it will only get better trust me if you really want each other then dont let her stop you but she will make it rough.
Hope this helped you out and good luck with him [:)]

They were separated at the time. They didnt get separation papers drawn up or anything, but the agreed separation date on the divorce papers was the 1st of May. Thank you for your reply.

I am in the middle of being sued by a crazy ex wife. I will try to be very brief and just give facts:
I am now married to the man that she accuses me of taking from her. I already have an attorney, so I really just need a little guidance. They were married approx 2 years and had no children. She has a degree but has chosen to work only sporadically. She left him in early May 04. I did not mean him until approx 1 week later. I had spoken to him very briefly a few days prior to her leaving, but we had never met and our conversation was about business. Shortly after she left (approx 1 month) we began dating. Their marriage was completely over, as she had left several times during the 2 years they were married. (I also have proof that it was not a happy & loving marriage (emails, etc)). We did have sexual relations once we started dating. My understanding is she really has nothing on me as far as the AOA charges, which normally is where the large amount of money is awarded. The only thing she really could sue me for is CC. However, what if we have proof that she slept with someone during the separation. Is this not proof that she is not an innocent party?
Has anyone ever been sued and had to pay money to a plaintiff in a case similar to this? Thank you!