Alienation of Affection and CC

My husband had an affair with a woman in NYC while we were living in North Carolina in 2007. Currently we live in Virginia and he has admitted to me that he is in regular contact with her currently. My question is can I still bring AoA and CC litigation against the other woman even though we live in VA now? It seems like I can, judging from the other posts I have seen on this forum. It also seems rather costly. Is there something I can do besides full blown litigation, such as sending this woman a nasty letter to remind her that my husband is not exactly single yet? We are still married although he has moved to an apartment and claims not to be able to make a decision about divorcing me. This arrangement is causing me a lot of mental anguish.

Statute of limitations for AoA and CC is 3 years. You may have run out of time. Jurisdiction wise it seems like you could have been able to bring a claim. Yes, it is costly and time consuming.

I’m not sure of the legal ramifications of sending a letter. Honestly, your husband doesn’t live with you (so you’re separated), he’s not sure he actually wants to be in the marriage, and he’s still willingly talking to this lady… I’m not sure why you’re waiting on HIM. You can send her nasty letters all day long but in the end your husband wants to have contact with her. I think you’re directing your energy at the wrong party. You should be preparing to move on.

You may sue her in NC if she had contact with the state during her affair with your husband. You may also send her a letter if you wish.

Yes, endoftheline. Completely agree. Just hard to do. Just wanted to know what my options were realistically.

I think everyone on this forum will agree divorce is very difficult. Best thing you can do is move on, keep your head up and make a HAPPY life for yourself. Keeping yourself occupied with revenge isn’t going to make you feel better or let you move on. Frankly, the only one who benefits is the lawyer who will collect major $$$. Best of luck to you.