Alienation of Affection

the AoA would be costly and you should refrain from using you daughter as a pawn in your spite for him.

I have never used her but am sick of his crap.

Hi ncgirl
First I am sorry to read that my now ex done this to me and it hurt 17+yrs
AOA I did this to but drop I used it to get what I wanted out of her my ex now get her off my ins and more and it worked. Now for the reality if I did sue this POS what would I have gotten Hmmm I would have spent alot of money alot of time and most of all alot of wasted energy and stress not just to me but my family and if I did win what would I get I had 3 counts on them 10K each But here the real thing this POS had nothing not even a pot to pee in and I would be stuck paying the exs ins for life so the out for me was GREAT.
For you may be different if this POS that he had it with has money then it maybe worth it for you but no money you get nothing.
You need to read your sep agg about your child does it have visitition rights for him if yes you must do it but if there is none then the right thing to do is every other weekend only and make sure he pays you CS and if you can get PSS. Hope you changed the locks on the house.
I know how you feel about all this trust me been there done that and I hate it and I do not wish this on anybody but one good thing for was I got to see me and life alot better. As far as his crap it will only get worse I was the nice guy and I did not get anything for it just problems. I hope this was not to long and I hope this has helped you out a little
Good luck

Thanks. I just get so mad being the nice girl all the time and it doesn’t get me anything. I guess I will smile though and keep doing the right thing. I hope my ex and his girlfriend live happily ever after but leave me the heck alone! That is all I want is some peace!

If the third party your Husband is living with now was the reason he decided to end your marriage, then you could sue her for Alienation of Affection. If she has assets you may recover money damages from her, however if she does not have much money, the lawsuit may be more costly than it is worth.

I know it must be hard to be the nice girl all the time, however do not underestimate the benefits. Playing the nice girl will set a positive example for your daughter and keep her being in the middle of the conflict between you and your ex Husband. If it is good for your daughter to spend time with her father, you should put your own feelings aside and let that happen.

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Hi ncgirl
I know how you feel being mad, torn, confused, and all the time thinking its your fault but it is not but trust me it is not just like my ex and your soon to be ex they are cheats and cheats are losers they will always lie to get what they want. MSN.COM had a story and it said how to know your honey is cheating when I read it she was all of them put in one I knew this before hand but just read it was wow.
If you think this is over try again he will try to come back why I say this is he will find out that he messed up bad and will do all he can to come back to you. My ex tried so many times and I turned my back on her she knows what she lost she had nothing just like your STBX and I hope you follow on this not that I like to see divorces but I HATE a cheater they cause so much hurt/damage not just to you and all that but to themselves aswell and this keeps on going for a long time.
Be strong keep your head up love your daughter and think about the best it will be in the future for you. It will get better trust me
God be with you and your daughter[:)]

In Feb 11, 2006 on our anniversary my husband gave me a card saying that I was the best wife ever, etc. Two weeks later he leaves me a letter and says that he doesn’t love me anymore. He is a truck driver and is gone a lot so I tried getting him to go to counseling and try a different job. He left the house for a while and stayed at his parents. He came home one night and I found a 2nd cell phone with several womens phone numbers. I called them all of course and no one would talk to me. We finally filed for separation in October and put May 15 as our separation date. I did find the phone well before May 15. Now my husband has just move his girlfriend (one of the girls from the list of phone numbers) down from VA to NC with him. Would it be worth my time and money to file an alienation of affection against her? She was also married, not sure what I could find out from him. Most of this took place in a Best Western in VA and most of the numbers are from people in South Hill, VA. Could any of those people be subpoena’d?

Not sure if I can ask one other question but here goes. I have primary physical custody of our 3 1/2 yr old and he sees her when he wants. I make if very easy for him because I don’t want her to suffer but I am so sick of the crap that I have to put up with from him. I am tired of being nice girl and ready to give him the not so nice girl that he says that I am. He just started getting our daughter for overnight visits on June 15, 16, 17 and also had her June 30. He had went a 1 1/2 without getting her except for a few hours here and there to now wanting her every other weekend. I don’t have any problems with him seeing her but would like to give him a taste of his own crap. If I don’t let him take her for a few weeks what could happen to me. I figure I could be ugly to him for about a month and then maybe he would see that I have been nice about all of this and that he really hasn’t had to deal with anything except paying a little money.