Alienation of affection suit

I met this guy who told me he was separated. Long story short he was not. I have conversations where he states how miserable he is, how he and his soon to be ex had gone to counseling and were told they were better off to split up, and how is soon to be ex told him she should have never married him. Well needless to say I am being threatened with an AOA suit. Should I be stressing like I am ? I have no assets and she also has a copy of the conversations which she gained by going through his computer. In doing some reading it seems I do not have much to worry about but I am still stressing. Any advice would be great.

For a party to prevail in an alienation of affections claim the party must prove that prior to the acts of this third party, there were affections to be alienated. It sounds like that may be difficult in this situation because of the marital problems. These types of claims are costly to pursue so unless you have significant assets that this person could obtain through a judgment, it may not be worth it to even proceed with a claim. You should have a consultation with an attorney in your area to discuss all the facts and get ideas for how you can prepare for a potential law suit. Since you cannot know whether a suit will be filed, being prepared may help you handle the stress of the unknown better.


However, my ex tried to sue my current husband for AOA as well. To the tune of $40k. :-/ Really? At the time, neither of them had any assets or anything so that was laughable. You would have to go to mediation FIRST before any trial were to occur. AOAs are rarely tried and when they are, it’s for those who have LOTS of money and LOTS of “things” to go after. If I were you, I wouldn’t be concerned a bit.

ilovemycowboy, did you go through the mediation process? Is there a way to PM you ? If you have been through this I would like to get some insight,

Email me at (no spaces) alwayslovetosing at gmail dot com. Yes, I went through mediation. The whole thing is SUCH a joke. Would be glad to talk to you.