Alienation of affection in Greensboro, NC

by the way, my income is about 49k per year.

There are questions that need answering like, Did you know she was married? Are you married? Did the affair cause them to divorce? and if and when she told you did you break it off.

Yes, I knew she was married. I am single. Not sure if this effects anything, but this is a same-sex affair. They are and have been seperated for 3 months, and in the process of divorce. Her husband had an internet affair a year and half ago, and told her that he hadn’t been inlove with her (his wife) for 2 years, and that they had obligatory sex, and didn’t make love. He told her that he wasn’t happy. However, she is the one that went out and had the affair with me. Her and I are still together, and plan on staying together.

If she was already seperated when you met then you where not the cause of their break up, but I wouldn’t throw your relationship up in his face. My advice is to stay low key untill all of their issues are settled meaning let her deal with all her issues without your envolvment, meaning don’t go to court with her, don’t intervine in their conversations, he doesn’t need to see or hear you, thats if you want thier situation to hurry up and be over with.

They were still married when her and I first got together. They seperated about 3 months after her relationship began with me.

Within this site you get a definition of AOA and you will know if you got something to worry about

I know I have something to worry about! I just don’t know what he can sue me for and how much? How do I protect myself, if I cannot hire a lawyer?

He can sue you because he will say his wife left him because of your relationship as for how much I reallt don’t know and what or who determines how much

her husband has had an internet affair a year and half ago, and admitted to his wife that he hadn’t been in love with her for 2 years and wasn’t physically attracted to her. So, how can I have alienated affection from him, when it seems that he didn’t have any for her for 2 years.

My attorney told me, every threat that doesn’t have a court date attached to it isn’t a serious threat. Unless he has filed paperwork and has an attorney, ignore it. The statute on AofA, I believe, is three years, but the battle is often costly. If you don’t have many assets then he can only get a judgment against you. I think the courts are starting to recognize internet relationships are more serious than they were once thought, and if you can prove such a relationship did occur–or if you can somehow record him saying it (research the law, I believe this is legal and admissable in NC)–then maybe he will back off. But I wouldn’t drag MY gun out until he drags HIS gun out. My guess is he’s shooting blanks.

Dear jbitzz:

Greetings. He can sue you for any property that you have and punitive damages. It is not likely that you will make a good target for this type of lawsuit. What has happened with your situation?

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Hi jbitzz
Sorry for this but I am going though the (well all most the same) thing that you are but my is I am sueing the piece of S@# and it is not the same sex affair and to tell you the truth I hope I can get this piece of S@# for all he has sorry but this is a real bad world do I like the fact that my STBX did this to me NO but when I tell the piece of S@#$ that she is married and he still does what he wants well whats the next step?? I can not help the fact that his 2 marriages went to the toilet but why ruin someone elses he is nothing less then a home wrecker and should and will pay very dealy my children even got to see him WOW how low can you go. My ex is nothing less then low trash she even said that she is low, but in good time she will see the lite and find out what she has lost.
Your case I do not see anything wrong on what you did she was seperated from him I look at it that like this its over why should he sue you he is just as wrong on what he done. BUT in this state until 1 year 1 day they still married sorry do I like it NO I want this over so bad that I can chew through my chain because that is what is holding me down this chain if you understand waht I mean.
I hope this little bit helped you out
Good luck to you hope he does NOT get nothing from this

I have had an affair with a married woman, now her husband is wanting to sue me for alienation of affection. I have no money, and have recently filed bankruptcy. What can he sue me for? Can he put a judgement on me or garnish my wages? I have no money to hire a lawyer, what is the best way to defend myself? Help!