Received summons from EX April 1st and was told by her that we would make changes to our separation agreement before having divorce finalized. At that time we never set a date of when we would finalize divorce. July 22nd received notice from court and her lawyer that Summary Judgement would be on August 3rd. She was never informed by her lawyer that this was going to occur. I asked her for a continuance to contact and aquire an attorney and she was advised by her attorney not to do so. We were able to make some changes to agreement before Summary Judgement. I continued to ask her for a continuance and was denied. I went to court on August 3rd with the intent of asking Judge for a continuance and was never given the opportunity.

Just wondering what my options are at this point? :frowning:


There is no appeal available for the judgment of divorce. The only way to gain relief from the judgment is if the same was granted based on false information (ie: wrong date of separation). The divorce judgment does not affect your ability to amend the separation agreement upon the consent of both parties.