Are post-nuptial agreements binding?

As long as you and your wife have the agreement in writing, signed by both parties and is notarized, then your agreement (if well drafted) is binding.

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I’ve been married for several years to a woman who came into the marriage with tremendous debt and horrible credit and absolutely not a penny to her name. At the time of the marriage I owned my own home and had several thousand dollars saved. To this day my wife has not reduced her debt at all and has not attempted to straighten her credit out, nor has she been able to save any money either.

As it stands I am the only one saving money and am the only one with credit and am , with the exception of a few small utility bills, the one that has been supporting the family financially.

We would like to move into a bigger house but I am very hesitant to do so since I will be the only one putting forth the money, credit, and equity in the home to do so without any help whatsoever from my wife.

If we were to get a bigger house and then for whatever reason seperate I would want to keep the house since I would have been the only one putting forth any effort to buy or make payments on it. Is this something a post-nuptial agreement can assist with? I also have several thousand dollars that are a direct result of my work that I would want to protect as well.

Thanks in advance