Will Post Nup Agreement Hold up in court

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I signed a post nup agreement basically giving my husband everything I had contributed to this marriage (we were married in 12/05)in May of this year ($30,000). The form was notorized. The attached exhibits that declare the division of property were not notorized (nor were they initialed). In the part that was notorized the exhibits are referred to as see Attached Exhibit A and B. I was in a very controlling relationship and have now fled the situation (living in another state). I had the police do an investigation on him because he actually went as far as locking me in the house when he would leave(deadbolts on doors that could only be opened with a key and windows were screwed shut). I have another report for attempted assault against me. My question is will this document hold up in court, or can I show this was signed under duress (which they were). My husband is an ex con and has spent over 10 years in prison. Yes, I was stupid to have gotten in to this situation and have lost everything because of it. A lot of what my husband told me about his past was not true and he mislead me and conned me out of everything. I have the reciepts for everything showing that I purchased these items (before the marriage) but he now has the titles to both cars in his name. The only thing on the agreement that goes to me is my clothing and my cd’s and dvd’s everything else is listed as being his property. Is there any more I can do to prove this notorized statement was signed under duress or is there even such a thing in divorce court.