Attorney changed practices

My attorney has recently changed practices and no longer litigates cases, he has gone strictly to the collaborative route, (which I was hoping to do initially) but my STBX filed for PSS and alimony, attorney fees etc. We have hearing, but the judge has not yet ruled although it has been almost two months. We have not yet had any discussion on ED which we have a lot of martial debt and no equity in home. I took a loan on ½ of my 401 K to use as a retainer for current attorney and have no more money to pay him or any other attorney at this point. My attorney is asking that I pay another $5,000 for the trust account or that I sign a waiver by the end of November releasing him of his obligation to represent me.

  1. Can I send clerk of courts and the Judge in my case asking that all correspondences come directly to me?
  2. Is my current attorney obligated to keep me updated on any changes in my court file?
    I am considering your online coaching services since I am broke and have not even discussed ED yet. BTW, we have been separated since June.

You may send instruction to the clerk to direct all future correspondence to you, however the Order to with draw your attorney will be seeking will contain that instruction.

Your current attorney must apprise you of any movement in the case until he is officially withdrawn.