Changing Attorneys

We’ve reached a breaking point with my attorney where they are simply dragging their feet on everything and haven’t protected myself and my daughters as we’d like. I have an outstanding balance that I’m trying to pay down and my father is going to get us a new attorney, more aggressive and hopefully will do more to protect our rights.

Custody was established in mediation (though I’d like the visitation modified because the girls are NOT happy going with their father, hate doing “dinner” every Thursday night, etc.) and there is a TEMPORARY order for child support in (which is to be revisited “at some point” once he establishes a customer base and commissions, once they find out what his benefits are (ie: having his cell phone and cable paid by company, etc.) and then they’ll work on the arrears from what he should have paid from the day I left plus whatever commissions and benefits he earns (however, this has not been worked on at all and NOTHING is moving forward). We also still have equitable distribution to settle.

If I fire my current attorney and my father obtains a new one for me, we won’t have to start everything over again, correct? The new atty can just pick up where we leave off?

Thank you!!

Yes, the new attorney should step in and carry the case forward from where it stands.