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If you are uncomfortable, your gut is probably telling you that something isn’t quite right. Lawyers have a way of talking without saying anything at all. Sorry, Rosen. If other “clients” are more important than you are—and I’ve heard that one before—then your attorney is not interested in helping YOU. My attorney never listened to me or addressed my concerns and I got burned badly—by him and by the system. I kept telling him the judge was biased. I kept begging for him to do something—to answer my questions—to act on various issues, but he did nothing but charge me a whopping amount. My case turned out badly for me because he wouldn’t do a darn thing. It’s not likely that you can get your retainer back, but get out before it is too late. An attorney who will not work for you is worth losing some money over, but don’t wait until it is too late and you are in too deep. Take it from one who knows. Unfortunately, some attorneys will take your money and not do anything for you except make you feel like you are working for them and are intruding upon THEIR time if you have a concern. That’s not right. There are some decent attorneys out there. Sounds like you have a lemon—like me. A very, very expensive lemon.

I agree with bohica, I was burned badly too by my attorney. My ex husband was abusive to both my son and I. I have a psychiatrist report that states that we are in danger when with him. Even though my attorney knew this, he forced me to sign to give him joint custody. A parent that has ever been abusive to children, esp infants, like my son, should NEVER get joint custody. AND the visits are not supervised.
The only thing I got out of my attorney was a giant bill and some things that should have never happened.

You could also ask him to give you the meaning of the things you don’t understand. You are paying him to work for you and not the other way around.

When you deal with your attorney, you need to consider how urgent your situation is compared to the situations of the attorney’s other clients. My attorney, for example, is often quite difficult to get in touch with and slow to answer my questions. When we are in court, however, she gives me and my case her full attention, and the other clients have to sit and wait for answers. I like the fact that my attorney gives priority to the most urgent situations.

That said, however, some attorneys are troublemakers. My ex-wife’s attorney, for example, is an activist feminist who thinks men are always guilty. For another example, my wife’s former attorney begged her to take a restraining order out on her ex-husband even though the guy had never made any threats. That attorney told my wife that she could “have everything” if she would just accuse her now-ex of domestic violence.

Dear bc:

Greetings. I cannot advise you on value in changing to a different attorney - that is a choice you have to make. No, you will not be able to change counties in midstream. I doubt that you would get all of your retainer back, as your attorney has performed work and will be paid out of the retainer. Good luck.

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I have been having a hard time in getting a reasonable cooperative relationship with my attorney for my Divorce. Everytime I have talked with my attorney, I feel like I am being rushed in my discussions and not allowing me enough time to grasp what is being said and feeling uncomfortable in the discussions. I did paid a retainer but the Attorney is involved in meeting other clients, I feel that other priorities are having an impact. Given my situation, I need to know enough details to feel comfortable with the direction my divorce is heading. However I am given short answers without much follow-up.

The other problem is that I have a pending lawsuit against my STBX for ED. Would there be any value in changing to a different attorney, would I still be able to continue my lawsuit in a different county, and would I get back my retainer??