Relationship with attorney


When my ex decided to sue for custody in Nov. my att. sounded really agressive and optimistic that I would be protected with my sep. agr. As time has progressed she seems to be less optimistic and is urging me to settle for less than what I thought I would be eligable for. I don’t want to change att. but I’m afraid I need someone more aggressive. My att. almost seems annoyed at my case because they keep scheduling things on holiday weeks and my att. has plans so now she is urging me to settle outside of what I feel comfortable with. I agreed to a settlement which I do not think my ex will agree too anyway. In any case if I have a Tem. Cust. Hearing within a month and I don’t have 100% conf. in my att. should I change now?


If you are uncomfortable with your attorney you should try and find someone you feel comfortable with. Your children are the most important aspect of your life and you should feel comfortable that you have someone who is truly aligned with you and what you believe is in the children’s best interest.
Most attorneys would not take issue with being retained a month prior to a temporary hearing.