Frustration with getting help

I can relate to your frustration. I have a simliar situation.
I have a court hearing coming up next wednesday and can;t get an answer as to whether my atty has filed the continuance as I have asked.
I spoke to my old atty yesterday discussing issues pertinent to child custody and he kept giving me answers in favor of the opposition. I asked him basically if he was on my side or or on their side. He said “I’m on nobody’s side”. Imagine my dismay at that answer! I am paying him and he blatabntly says that he is NOT on my side! Now i know why I fired him yesterday!!
wish I had it in writing- I would file a complaint with the bar association for misrepresentation.

I have a pending lawsuit that was filed approx 90 days ago with my STBX for ED. We both have attornies and I have been asking for feedback from my attorney as to how things are proceeding. I have emailed and left phone messages with secretary, to find out what is happening. I am getting not much information from the Attorney. I am waiting a reasonable amount of time before I keep asking the same questions but still not getting any significant responds. One time when I was able to talk with my Attorney, I indicate that my lawsuit appeared to be in the “Hendering and Delaying” issue and this needed to be address. However the reply was, we are nearing an out of court settlement, but was not given any specifics. It would be helpful for attornies to call their clients when they are needing status and/or questions answer in a timely manner. I know that they have other priorities and maybe paid more for their services, put it would help thing if OPEN COMMUNICATION can be maintained through out the process.