A couple of questions

I am representing myself with a request for a parenting coordinator against my ex. First he avoided service for nearly 2 months by not contacting back the deputy when called and avoiding visitations all together. Once he was served by personal service in my yard he had the date continued by an attorney claiming they would be representing him.(I’ll get to that in a minute. He has repeatedly ignored emails and refuses any and all communications unless by phone. He returns postal mail and when it does come back it has the sticker “unable to deliver, left no forwarding address”. I work for the post office and this clearly means there is absolutely no mail receptacle, so he removed his mailbox and I have no valid mailing address. Now he has an app on his cell phone(my only form of communication with him) that picks up and hangs up without ever going to voicemail, so now I am completely cut from communicating. I know the wording “will strive to communicate” is vague and hard to enforce, but the non vague part is we are to notify each other 30 days in advance of vacations and provide all doctors orders in writing! I found out the app was on his phone after attempting to call following our child’s surgery and was constantly being hung up on with no option to leave a voicemail, I again tried to call to let him know the doctor’s office wanted to see our child friday, again no option for voicemail, just hung up on.

I attempted to remedy the problem by contacting the attorney who was representing him for the motion only to find out she had not been retained yet and court is 1 week away. This is getting utterly rediculous! What happens when he attempts to continue the date after having a colleague of this attorney continue it already and claims he has no lawyer? How do I prove this app is on his cell phone? I can prove the postal mail since I have kept the letters. I record all conversations, but other than matching my phone records to the date and time of the recording I do not know how to prove it was him I called and he controls his phone not allowing me to leave a voicemail. I am so fed up with the crazy tactics he is using to be difficult and do not know what to do! I honestly wonder if the parenting coordinator will actually change things!

Why can’t you call him at work?

I think you just need to show you made a concerted effort to give him 30 days notice which it sounds like you have. You can get a record of your own phone records showing that you tried calling on multiple occasions. My phone records show how long the calls are (which I think will help prove your point that he is not picking up/ no voicemail).

If he tries to continue the hearing again, bring up your concerns to the judge and express communication issues as one of the many reasons you need to be heard. Ask him questions about his correct mailing address and phone situation on examination if it is relevant.