Update - Hearing and Parent Coordinator


I just wanted to update you and anyone else interested in outcome of cases.

Ex filed a Motion of Contempt for visitation order - false and petty allegations. I responded by filing my own Motion of Contempt - also pretty petty, but wanted to show just how stupid the situation is. In addition, I filed motion for Parent Coordinator.

Hearing was yesterday and the judge did exactly what I thought/hoped would happen - she stated this was petty and agreed a PC was in dire need. Ordered an appointment immediately. Happened to be once in the courtroom who agreed to take us on, so we met briefly outside the courtroom after the hearing.

I have heard mixed things about PCs, but I feel in my case it is necessary and the only thing that will stop all this conflict and running back to court. In the short time I spoke with the PC, I liked what she had to say and am very hopeful that she will be able to help.

I will let you know how things go.


Good to hear, thanks for update.