Response to Contempt and Filing Contempt

Ex file a Motion of Contempt regarding Visitation/Parenting Order. I have drafted a response - no problem there.

I need to file my own Motion for Contempt. Do I need to draft a separate Motion or can I combine into my response?

Also, there are items in the Order that are vague - that are resulting in further conflict or items that are just not working in our situation- resulting in the Motion of Contempt he filed. I would like to request the judge amend the Order to define areas that are vague and change the items that are just not working. Again, can I ask for this in my response to his Motion of Contempt (Counter Motion and relief) or would I have to file a separate Motion?

Thanks so much.

If you wish to allege your ex is in contempt of the order you will need to file your own motion for contempt and seek an order from the clerk to have your motion heard the same day/time as your ex’s motion.

The judge will not amend the Order in the contempt hearing, but will offer clarification.

If the judge will not hear anything on amending the Order, would I have to file a Motion to Amend the Order to get the judge to hear testimony on why the Order is not working for us? Not to change the visitation ordered, more the other terms of the Order as it relates to items such as communcation, etc.

Truthfully, I just cannot communicate with my ex. Really, no one can. We need a third-party in between us. The Order is written in a way that basically requires us to cooperate when it is impossible for us to do so. I want to ask for a Parent Coordinator. What are you recommendations?

If the provisions in the Order are not working, and the two of you cannot come up with a solution, you may file a motion to have a parenting coordinator appointed.