Contempt ?'s


I will be going to court next month to establish my visitation schedule. Once that is established if my ex doesn’t let me see my son or tries to deviate from the order without my consent; what would be the correct course of action? I know I can hold her in contempt of the order, do I do that each time she goes against the order and if thats the case do we go back into court everytime? Or would I file contempt charges, let them accumulate and bring her to court once for all the charges and if thats how to handle it how long do you allow the contempt to go on? The reason why I am asking all this is I don’t have that much time off from work and really can’t be going to court all the time over this but at the same time I don’t want her to get away with doing whatever she wants like she’s been doing all this time.


If your ex violates an Order the proper avenue for relief is to file a motion for contempt each time there is a violation.


Is there a specific form I use when filing a contempt complaint? If I do this myself is there a sample format on this website to use? If so can you tell me where, I have looked and not found on. This would be a contempt for visitation against the permanant order we have.


have examples of various motions on our DIY site.