Motion For Contempt

The STBX and I had an agreement signed into orders by our judge. She is violating the agreement in a couple ways. Is there anything I can do about this, such as file a motion for contempt? If so, how exactly would I do that?

You may file a motion for contempt. The motion will outline what specifically you are alleging your ex is doing to violate the order. It will be filed with the clerk and the clerk will issue an Order to Show Cause, which will require your ex to attend a hearing and explain her actions to the court.

2 quick questions:

What form, specifically, should I use to file this motion?

What does it mean “to show cause”?

There is not a specific form, you can simply type up the motion on your own. “Show Cause” means that the accused must appear before the court and “show good cause” as to why they are violating the order, or be held in contempt of court.

Just one final follow up question: What exactly would I stand to gain by doing this? Just the judge saying to her “stop violating my orders”? What exactly of the consequences of being found “in contempt”?

If found in contempt the judge will order her to stop, and may impose a punishment ranging from a fine to potential jail time.

may i ask how do you file for motion of contempt. My childs father has not brought her back and its court order. please help