Motion to Amend Order Hearing

We had a hearing for Modification to Visitation. Opposing counsel drafted the Order. It was submitted to the Court, along with my objections. I’m not certain what happened but the proposed Order was signed as is and actually does not reflect the verbal ruling.

I filed a Motion to Amend the Order detailing what I believe to be incorrect with the order siting the judge’s verbal ruling (I do have a copy of the audio and have reviewed it several times) and we have a hearing on Monday. I’m wondering what to expect of this hearing.

My ex has stated that he is going to “tell the judge to add” things that were never discussed in our hearing and were not on the Order. Will the judge limit this hearing to the facts of my Motion or will they have an opportunity to bring up additional items? His attorney did not file a response or any other motion that I am aware of.

The hearing should be limited to only the items your motion contains.

That is fantastic! Thank you for your response.

Good luck!