Court date for support modification

wow, hope this doesn’t happen with us. I guess your lawyer is not involved? Does this not mean she is in contempt of court? You will be able to ask for retroactive (from date of filing) reimbursement for support. Did you ask those questions (the ones you posted) of the social service person?

My lawyer said I wouldnt even need him it would be so simple, Im starting to wonder. Social services definately doesnt want to help me with any questions I have. After all, I am only the father paying support in this matter, theyve always sided with her, even in lies. I would think she is in contempt, but with s.s. resceduling it it seems they dont see it that way.

I think at this point I’d call my lawyer. I saw an earlier post and Janet Fritts responded that the lawyer could make things like this work out - or something like that.

could a lawyer please respond and tell me if she is in contempt? If I hire a lawyer at this point I will ask for the fee to be paid by her if I can

Thank you Mal for all your advise through this. Youve been great and I really appreciate you. Thanks.

I hope things work out for you. SS is never on the payee’s side of any matter. I just sent in a payment via on-line on Monday for my husband and we still can not seem to find out if it has been posted to is case number. However, just 10 minutes after loging off of the NCChildSupoort site, I checked our account and it had already been taken. I could write a book with the things we have been through.
You attempt to do the right thing and you get nowhere, the Child Support Office claims that they represent the mother because she is their client…I thought that they would be more willing to represent the Child. Should the Child not be their client?

I do happen to know that SS are slow to process anything that means sending money out. My husband’s ex had to wait 3 months for her January CS check because she moved to a different county and did not change her address with them. When she went to the office they told her that the check had been cashed and they would have to get a copy of the check and verify signatures before they could resend a check. Makes sense right? They then told her that it would take 60-90 days for this to be done. His payments are due the 1st of the month though she doesn’t get the money until 3 weeks later. He is supposed to pay until age 18 or graduation or in the event that they continue education after high school, until the age of 20 as long as they are full time students. If I’m not mistaken, after age 18 the payments may be made to the child instead of the mother. Would need a attorney to verify that though.

I believe that you will get reimbursed for this but if she’s like all the other money hungry, vindictive, spiteful ex’s out there, it may take a while to get the money from her. I also think that it’s very unusual for the court to order the other party to pay attorney’s fees, not impossible, just unusual. If the judge feels that your need to hire an attorney is because of her contempt of court, or her way of using the judicial system, then it’s very possible she could have to pay all court cost. I don’t think they like to have to hear cases that could be settled with just a phone call or a signature on a form.

I have a court date Wednesday for the support modification motion I filed since one child graduated high school. I have just received a call from social services stating the mother has not responded to the request for income information and for me not to show up to my own court date! She said she would postpone the date to the 16th and hope to hear from her by then. While its obvious why shes not responding, just how long can she delay this? First she started with threats of making me pay for college now shes not responding to social services’ request. My child graduated on June 16 and I am still paying for two children’s support. Just what can or should I do?