Problems with ex wife

I e-mailed the judge a few weeks ago because I lost my part time hours at my secod job which was included in my child support. He said he couldn’t give me advice but I could fill out papers to modify my child support through the clerk of courts office. I did that and filed them this past Monday. My ex-wife was just notified of this. My ex-wife called me and stated, "I’m going to kill you! I’ll make you wish you never took me to court.! Then later she texted me, “Friends don’t take friends to court. See you June 1.” “Can’t wait!!!” Then she texted my again stating, “Let’s see if what ur giving up is worth what u think u will gain going to court.” My ex-wife has falsely accused me of child abuse. The DSS investigation was unfounded. My ex-wife has falsely accused me of domestic violence. She was even able to get a DVPO against me for a year. I can not afford an attorney. And I have no one to help me. So I don’t know what to do or how to protect myself. I really can’t take the stress of this. I really need some help. Is there anything I should do? Is there anyone or any organization that I could be referred to? Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

I suggest you save the threatening text messages she has sent you, in the event she attempts to initiate some type of frivolous action.

You may proceed with the modification of support on your own. Be sure to provide the other side with copies of your recent pay stubs, and have copies with you in court as well.

You may want to contact Legal Aid to see if they can assist you.