Delusional trouble maker

My fiance’s ex-wife of 7 years has been claiming that she is not receiving her child support. We have record of her receiving the funds from the CSE website and have spoken to central collections in Raleigh and they have confirmed that she is receiving it. He has shared this with her and advised her to contact them directly to see where the problem may be (although it’s in her own checkbook). She has sent him slanderous emails calling him all kinds of names and accusing him of not taking care of his “family”. She even went as far as calling the sheriffs department to have him arrested when he was in the state on business earlier this week because of her claim of him not paying child support! She is now claiming her current husband, whom she is separated from, has been stealing the funds from her. He has never had access to her personal bank account so couldn’t steal the funds. She has a history of bi-polar disorder and while she was still living with her estranged husband she was not reportedly taking her medication, as in her words “she didn’t have anything wrong and the therapist doesn’t know what he’s talking about”, so I have no reason to believe that she is currently taking it. She obviously is getting her money (all $1500+ a month) but continues with the hollow accusations and has convinced herself that the problem is not hers. My concern is if she is seriously delusional and having legitimate money problems how is this affecting my 3 step-sons. She is the only adult living under the roof with these three children and has primary custody of the boys as their father and I live in New England. Is there something we can legally do to quickly intervene in this situation to make sure that the children have everything they need to include a competent adult? We have not been able to get in contact with the children despite calling to ask them how they are so we have no way of knowing what is going on in that house. She’s in contempt of the current custody order by not returning phone calls but I don’t feel that we have time to wait for a contempt hearing to address her stability and her ability to provide a safe and stable home for three minor children (10 and 8 twins).

Please help!

Your husband may file an action for emergency custody if he believes there is an immediate threat of harm to the children. He can also contact DSS.