CS court

Scenerio, you’ve all probably read my posts leading up to this issue.

Finally got DNA testing done and recieved a letter from the worker that I could pick up the results, I called her and she laughed and said "you already know the results no need to waste a trip. She then explained why those letters are sent out.

She then explained that she has heard nothing from “Dad” (well neither have I or the baby so no suprise)
And why the letter was sent to him to pick up.

She has all his information and has already recieved his income and insurance information and mine also.
Id there anything that can cause this to be put off? Can he ask for a continuance and cause my child to suffer longer? Or can the judge push forward and order support? If there is a continuance how long will it be put off? Considering he now owes the testing and 4 months of support as of the court date I think it would be rediculous (IMO though)

Also, The last I talked to him he stated he would ask the judge to force me to obtain a job, I do have income and more then it would be with a minimum wage job, I am also a full time student and my youngest is under 3 yo. With that idea his support would go up by $200-250 because of child care. But I have decided to go ahead with a part time job, but if I don’t have a first check by court how do I prove I have the job and the income and child care?

Judges may continue hearings to allow folks to obtain counsel, however if he has been made aware of the hearing well in advance, the judge does not have to grant any request or motion for a continuance, and usually will not given proper notice, and when the required information is at hand.

He’s known it was coming since September and has notice of the hearing since November, from time of service to the court date it will have been a month in advance.

Thank you again so much!

You are most welcome. Good luck you you.