Letter from Child Support help


Yesterday I received a letter from the Child support division. I’m confused with the matter in hand. The NCP has an attorney and is refusing to take the DNA. The letter states this:

This letter is to infrom you that your child support case involving ******** is scheduled to terminate on (date) for the following reason:


Child support division stated that they were going all the way back to when she was born for rears of support. How are they saying no arrearages? Also, the child support division and NCP attorney agreed to an amount for NCP to pay in support. I had no say in the matter.

Basically, lately I’ve been seeing it has hush money until Dec 2009. When we were in court last week, I felt like I was in this little corner like a baby being told-- it’s this way, suck it up".

Please explain this to me. How can they close a case when we still haven’t had the DNA done? Am I just out of luck? Did he fight the system to not have the DNA done because he has an attorney? What can I do about this?

Thank you in advance.


I am not exactly sure what happened either and would need to look through the file to make a determination. Have you asked your case worker what happened? Maybe you should speak to someone in legal aid.


I still haven’t heard back from the case worker. I would like to know if there is someone I can go to other than her?


Try contacting her supervisor.



I did call yesterday to get ahold of her boss. No one would speak to me. I was told she sent out a letter stating that; since the judge said that we came up with a child support amount and the NCP is in compliance to it that there is no need of a DNA.

News to me, I never heard a word about that in court. The last court date we went to was for Medical but I got Medical insurance for her since he wouldn’t.

If his attorney did tell the judge that he is the NCP and is going to con’t on with the child support. Does this mean that he is saying he is the father?
Is he saying that he doesn’t need a DNA because he knows she is?


Yes, if he no longer wishes to have a paternity test and has agreed to support, he is admitting paternity.


Thank you Erin.

I just hope the military see it that way as well. The DNA was to prove that he was the father to:

  1. Remove my ex from the Birth certificate.
  2. Have her put on Medical insurance.
  3. Have an order in place to make sure that support is paid.

I really hope this helps. I’m faxing the information off to where it needs to go. I was told they were going to talk to their legal side and find out if it can be done or not. Thank you again. Have a good day.


I wish you the best.