Visitation and Child support

We had our court hearing and nothing really came out of it but for him paying support on his own to hold off from doing the DNA. There is no judgment but for an agreement to pay support between his attorney and child support division.

My questions are…

  1. If he doesn’t pay support on the 1st like order, how many days do I give before contacting the child support division?

  2. If there is no order yet saying he is the father, do I have to allow him to see my child?

Thank you in advance.

If he does not pay support on the date assigned the child support division will enforce the order and collect. If you are certain he is not the father, there is no reason to allow visitation.

Erin, he is the father.

The agreement was that we hold off on the DNA until Dec. He has to pay support of such amount on the 1st of each month until then.

I would just like to know, if he doesn’t pay support and it was agreed upon, then what do I do? Do I just contact the Child support division and tell them that he didn’t pay? Do I just let it go?

I honestly don’t think I have to worry about him wanting to see her, because after a yr as passed since he last saw her. We ran in to him at Lowes and he tried to hide. I was walking pasted him (had no choice because the enterance was right there by the regrister) I said something to him and he turned and gave this blank look. I said some things to him and he didn’t even blink once. He was shaking and couldn’t even ask how his daughter was doing. While the kids and I were looking at flowers and trees, I noticed by the corner of my eyes that he was still sitting in the parking lot looking at us. So, if he didn’t even come up to her, being within a few feet from her. I’m sure I don’t have to worry about that. Thank you.

Yes, if he does not pay support you contact child support enforcement and let them know. If he is not requesting any sort of visitation you are under no obligation to make her available to him.