Extremely frutstrated!

Long story short… My ex and I cannot agree on anything as far as ED?CS/Custody etc. We are not able to go to mediation because
our atty’s agreed that it was a mute point. Went to court today because we need to change our hearing date due to a key witness
not being able to testify that day. The judge who heard this decided that he was going to suspend ALL payments until the new date (approx 5 weeks away). All payments meaning ALL. Child support suspended. Kids medical coverage suspended. House payment suspended. My medical insurance suspended. Only to mention a few. I find this insane. Can he really suspend my child support of a month. My case has been ongoing for far too long and it seems to get worse and worse. My atty doesn’t seem phased by this, although he said he has never heard of such thing and could not believe he even suspended child support. This judge is going to decide my fate in a few short weeks. We have alot at stake. 2 businesses,properties of the business (land and structure), home, etc. I do not trust this judge at all with my future. Is this normal? I thought child support is an automatic payment no matter what. Any advice, suggestions, anything?? I am beside myself. My marriage was 6 1/2 yrs and I am concerned that the standard of living is not going to appy in my case. Child support doesn’t seem to apply.
Very frustrated,

I forgot to write that I have majority of custody at this time. He has 8 days a month, I have the rest.

While it is somewhat unusual for a judge to suspend child support payments, it is within his power. A judge normally will not suspend such payments if the child is receiving any form of public assistance, but otherwise they certainly can if they feel that the circumstances warrant it. I know how disappointed you must be, but hopefully this is a temporary setback. I wish you luck and hope that this will be finally resolved next month.