General Forum?

Excellent question which I have asked myself since I have two questions out there that have been passed up by the atty on two seperate occasions. I even sent her an email asking if she wd kindly get around to responding to my questions. Nothing. I have been trying to find a pattern of how she answers at first thinking it was b/c she may be trying to find business and only answered the questions which she may generate business from(my questions stated I had filed the motions myself, etc myself). There is a small pattern of her answering questions in bulk on the same day sometimes on a friday, sometimes on a weekend-I will give her the benefit of the dought. Some she will not answer if too lengthy but I still feel shafted since my questions are to the point and simple. If you find out the real reason why, please let me know. Thanks

One thing both of you should think this first this is a forum and yes she does answer the questions and yes it may take longer then you would like sorry I will say this this is free they are not charging us nothing to answer our questions go ask your attorney and they will answer you but guess what you pay for that everytime you call you pay.
Here they dont I think this site is great and helps out people that have questions but please be patient Rome was not built in a day look at how many quetions there are and all of these people would like to have theres answered right now this is not going to happen sorry.

Does anyone know why some questions are answered by lawyer and others aren’t? I wrote on the 19th and still haven’t gotten an answer, but notice that people who wrote on the 21st have. Is it the complexity of the question, maybe? This is my first forum attempt, so I’m not sure how it works.