Lawyer Does NOT Know MY CASE!


i know for a fact you can ask for a continuetion, last time i was in court me ex ask for a continuetion to “seek council”. they gave her i believe 2-3 weeks.


Anyone else? I had another consultation with a different lawyer and he said I might be denied a continuance at this late date! I stressed to him I didn’t know until I MET WITH HER<< Her situation and also how she never had me in her office until just before our court date, the week before after NOT consulting me at ALL during all this past year. I called her office and asked her secretary that I wanted to request a continuance. She didn’t sound good about it and I told her to please call me by MON. as soon as she can that day. If I don’t hear from her, I will go down to court house and apply for continuance MYSELF! But anyone out here , did ANYONE request a continuance the week before? This is the only notice I got of finding out my lawyer has been SICK w/cancer and FRIED with chemo up until a few days before she met me for my court date! HELP PLEASE~~~


I have a lawyer thru a service that helps people in need. My problem is, my case is next week and my lawyer JUST met me yesterday (after 8 months of not seeing me) and we did not cover HALF of the issues involving custody!! She spent most of the time talking about child support and we’re not even doing c/s!! Furthur she’s only seeing my witnesses 45 mins b4 court time on date of court!! I only have less than a week to go and don’t feel good with this lawyer. How do I get a continuance until I can get a new lawyer? I feel like I will not be represented and also this lawyer is in middle of chemo and admits she’s ‘ditzy’ and has chemo brain. I hate that for them but this is my child! HELP!!!