I’m currently involved in a pretty nasty custody battle. My attorney has failed repeatedly to do anything that I ask or even be prepared for court. I had an appointment on December 7th and spoke to him about my concerns. I believed that things had been resolved with him, and when we ended the phone call he said he was going to work on a few things pertaining to my case and would get back to me when he had any further information. On December 14th I received a notice of withdrawal from his office that had been filed the day after my appointment. In this paperwork I was informed for the first time of a court date on the 21st. I live out of state and am now concerned because I have no possible way to make it to this court date or to hire another attorney in time. What is my best bet for getting this continued without me being present? Is that even possible? Can I file a motion to continue on my own?

You may attempt to have the hearing continued prior to the 21st, but there are no guarantees. You need to plan to be in court that day, and I suggest you begin setting appointments with new attorneys in the event the case goes forward.