Attorney messed up my case badly

i have filed a complaint with the state bar because my attorney completely screwed up my child custody case and didnt correct the judges orders when mistakes were made. such as order is 2-2-3 alternating weekends…father stated to judge that he cannot do mondays and tuesdays, so father was designated wednesdays and thursdays…i was designated mondays and tuesdays…however, weekends start fri at 6 and end monday at 6…fathers attorney manipulated things to where the custody order started on fathers weekend…so instead of it being a 2-2-3…its technically a 2-2-5-5- schedule. judge told clients and attorneys to get together themselves to come to agreement on holiday schedules…i got NOTHING that i asked for…not even the smallest things. attorney did not present vital evidence that would go in my favor to disprove the fathers accusations…and because of that I was made to look bad in the final rulings…such as …father claims he was never allowed to see our daughter outside of our mutually agreed terms…i have documents/journals, etc proving otherwise…but, it was never shown to the judge, therefore, the judge ruled in the court findings that i was found to have refused father time with his daughter!!! there were lies told by the father in his original complaints, were admitted in court, but no one “caught” the lies, because the attorney wasnt as familiar with the case as he should have been.

because of how badly this case was mishandled by my attorney, i filed a complaint with the state bar. the state bar is literally investigating this as we speak…they have been investigating since november. he caused me to lose my case in the worst possible way. the father had NOTHING on me, only went to court with his mouth and 2 receipts showing that he bought diapers??? while i had a MOUNTAIN of evidence against the father, but, it was never used!!! even though when preparing the case, the attorney was EXCITED to see all the evidence that we had…but never even put it to use!!!

im trying to figure out what steps do i have to take to get this back into court to have a FAIR hearing?? I do know that the 60 ruling applies to my situation, but, I dont know how to file it. I dont know whether to file it, or to file for an appeal. Which do you advise…and if you advise the 60 ruling, HOW do i file it?? I do NOT have an attorney, I am trying to do this myself. But I have reached a complete dead end with this 60 ruling. I can only find information about what a 60 ruling is…but NOT how to file it!!! this schedule is damaging to my 2 year old. Shes having bad night terrors thats been going on for 6 months now, and have set her up an appt to see a psychologist to get to the root of whats causing them.